1pcs Dual 15 Pin SATA Male To PCIe PCI-E Express 8 Pin (6+2) Male Video Card Power Supply Adapter Cable


Cable length: 20cm around
Inputs: 2x SATA Male Power Connectors
Outputs; 1x PCI Express 6+2 Pin 8 Pin Female Power Connector


Many power supplys in new computers have only SATA power connectors for drives.
This 8 inch converter cable allows you to plug into a Video (VGA) Card the requires a 6+2 Pin 8 Pin PCI Express connector.
Allows SATA Plugs to connect into the 6+2 Pin 8 Pin power socket on a PCI-E graphics card when you do not already have a PCI-E Capable power supply.
Make sure your power supply has enough wattage to support the video card that you want to use!