Tastiera GXT 881 ODYSS e Trust është tastierë lojrash gjysmë mekanike me ndriçim LED shumëngjyrësh. Ka 12 butona funksionesh dhe 10 butona të aksesit të menjëhershëm. Ndjeni çdo lëvizje dhe jini të kompletuar me GXT 881 ODYSS.


Full-size keyboard designed specifically for gaming
Semi-mechanical keys: conventional technology with the typing characteristics of a mechanical keyboard
Multicolour LED illumination in 6 different light modes and adjustable brightness
Advanced anti-ghosting: up to 19 simultaneous key pressings
10 Direct access keys and 12 multimedia keys for quick control
Special gaming mode to disable the Windows key, for uninterrupted gaming
Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & PS5
Product Description
Semi-mechanical gaming keyboard with multicolour LED illumination

System requirements • USB port • Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 • macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher • Chrome OS




Best of Both Worlds
All of the benefits from mechanical and membrane keyboards, without the weaknesses. The Trust GXT 881 Odyss gives gamers everything they need to break boundaries, without breaking the bank: anti-ghosting, LED illumination, a mechanical feel… The Odyss delivers the best of both worlds.

Made for Gaming
The semi-mechanical switches in the Trust Odyss give gamers exactly the feel they need. Every button press is felt, making the GXT 811 reliable for gamers who want the right feedback during their gameplay. Thanks to the use of conventional technology, you won’t spend too much but still enjoy important features, such as anti-ghosting of up to 19 key presses.

Functionality is Key
The Odyss is equipped with 10 direct access buttons and 12 media function keys to give you complete control over your media. While gaming, turning on the game mode will disable the Windows key, so you won’t be accidentally kicked to your desktop screen. When your playing your favourite game, you’re in full control.