Golden Thermal Conductive Grease Paste For CPU GPU VGA Chipset Cooling – CMIMI 500 LEKE


1. Model: HY610
2. The needle tube dimension: diameter 2cm, length 15cm,
3. Characteristics:
– High thermal conductivity
– High temperature resistance
– Low oil complex, non-volatile
– Non-toxic, tasteless, not corrosive

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II. Detailed Description
1. Has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity greater than 3.05W / (mk)
2. Excellent electrical insulation
3. wide temperature: Operating temperature -50 to 280 degrees
4.Temperature quit, no flow of oil; non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly halogen-free,
Retardant UL94V-0 rating up
5. In the power LED, notebook and desktop computers, household appliances,
Electronic components, electrical and other fields are used, excellent thermal performance

Package includes
1 x Thermal paste